General Questions/Media Inquiries

Rules of the road: You want to contact me! That’s awesome. Please keep the following in mind: 

1) For legal reasons, I cannot read or comment on your work. Nor can I provide you with blurbs or recommendations to my agent. I’m sorry, but I get so many of these requests that it’s impossible to keep up.

2) If you’d like to invite me to contribute to an anthology, that’s great! Just don’t forget to include payment terms.

3) Guest blog requests, interviews, fan squee, and questions and comments of all sorts related to my work are awesome! However, please keep in mind I have no control over ebook, print, or audio formatting of my books once I approve final edits. If you have questions or issues with the formatting of my work, please contact the appropriate publisher.


Questions About Obtaining Rights to Works

CONTACT | Hannah Bowman

Liza Dawson Associates Literary Agency
350 7TH AVENUE, SUITE 2003
NEW YORK, NY 10001

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