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Swecon 2017

Kameron will be one of the Guests of Honor at Swecon in Uppsala, Sweden May 26-28, 2017.

26 May

LITA President’s Program : We are the Sum of our Stories.

In this thought-provoking talk, essayist and author Kameron Hurley will discuss how curated content is shaping not only the stories we tell about ourselves, but the realities we live in, and how librarians and other information professionals can help shape these narratives. She will discuss propaganda (“fake news”), the rise of far-right internet culture into […]

25 Jun

WorldCon 2017

Kameron will be attending Worldcon in Helsinki, Finland August 9-13th, 2017.

9 Aug


Kameron will appear at the Writer’s Symposium at Gencon, August 17-20, 2017.

17 Aug