THE MIRROR EMPIRE Gets a Shiny, Shiny Bad Ass Cover

Though I would not call it a LONG wait – as this deal was just announced in January – it felt like a long wait because things are moving along so fast (comparatively!) with THE MIRROR EMPIRE.

But here it is, the epic fantasy I’m seriously hoping I had the chops to write (you should always be writing the book you don’t quite think you’re ready to write). When I saw this cover all I could think was, “Egads, I hope I wrote a book worthy of it.” With ARCs now out to reviewers, it’s up to readers to be the judge of that. I’ll just be over here hiding under the flesh-eating plants, protected by eight squads of blood mages.

Get more thoughts from me about the process, and some quotes from the amazing cover artist, Richard Anderson, over at A Dribble of Ink.



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