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Meet Me In the Future

When renegade author Kameron Hurley (The Light BrigadeThe Stars Are Legion) takes you to the future, be prepared for the unexpected. Yes, it will be dangerous, frequently brutal, and often devastating. But it’s also savagely funny, deliriously strange, and absolutely brimming with adventure.

In these edgy, unexpected tales, a body-hopping mercenary avenges his pet elephant, and an orphan falls in love with a sentient starship. Fighters ally to power a reality-bending engine, and a swamp-dwelling introvert tries to save the world – from her plague-casting former wife.

So come meet Kameron Hurley in the future. The version she’s created here is weirder – and far more hopeful  – than you could ever imagine.


“Kameron Hurley is a badass. Her powerful stories will shred your preconceptions, and may leave you permanently off-kilter.”

—--Annalee Newitz, author of Autonomous and founder of io9

“16 hard-edged pieces that gleam like gems in a mosaic.”

—--Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A visceral, unrelenting, and heart-filled exploration of what it means to be human in any future; Kameron Hurley is writing the science fiction our world needs.”

—--Jacqueline Koyanagi, author of Ascension

“One of the best story collections of the past few years.”

—--Booklist, starred review