General Inquiries*

If you have a project or proposal you’d like to contact Kameron about, please use the email address below.

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Note that though Kameron loves getting fan mail! However, due to deadlines and scheduling conflicts, she is often unable to respond. Emails asking for personal advice, or which require lengthy responses beyond yes/no (such as interviews for student assignments) may go unread. Keep your email short and to the point for the greatest likelihood of a response!

Please also keep the following in mind:

1) For legal reasons, Kameron Hurley cannot read or comment on your work. Nor can she provide you with blurbs unless requested through the proper channels. Blurb requests should be directed to her agent:

2) If this is an anthology invitation or reprint request, please include payment terms. Hurley does not provide reprints of articles to for-profit websites for free. There is a reprint fee. If the site makes money, its contributors need to be paid.

3) Note that Hurley has no control over ebook, print, or audio formatting or pricing of traditionally-published books.  If you have questions or issues with the formatting of her work, please contact the appropriate publisher. 

*all inquiries are screened by Hurley’s assistant.

Kameron Hurley’s official social media accounts are:

@kameronhurley on Twitter

@kameronhurley on Instagram

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