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Short Fiction

Fisherman and the Pig

Nev sat on the end of the charred pier, casting his line again and again into the murky water in the hopes of catching a corpse.

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When We Fall

I don’t remember the first time I was abandoned and forgotten, but I have told the story of the second time so often that when the memory boils up it feels hot and gummy, like the air that day.

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The Red Secretary

The ride out past Sorintov Station to the monument the soldiers held hostage was bumpy and hot. Every time the sun sank below the horizon during one of its ten daily sunsets, Arkadi welcomed the cooler air, and the quiet.

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“Warped Passages”

A prequel story to The Stars are Legion, edited by John Joseph Adams. Appearing in Cosmic Powers, released 4/18/17 by Simon and Schuster’s Saga Press.

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“Wonder Maul Doll”

First published in From the Trenches: An Anthology of Speculative War Stories back in November 2006, this angry anti-war screed about a traumatized group of female war heroes hunting down weapons of mass destruction has since appeared on Escape Pod and, most recently, been reprinted in Warrior Women, an anthology of strong female protagonists edited by Paula Guran and […]

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“Body Politic”

A story of high tech espionage that has been described as “The Matrix and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy mashed up together,” “Body Politic” made its appearance in Meeting Infinity, edited by Jonathan Strahan and published in December 2015.

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