A Mixed Bag

Had a pretty good boxing class last night, and met Sifu Dino for the first time. He generally teaches on Tues. and Thurs. but he was out last week, so I didn’t bump into him (last week was the first time I was doing classes in addition to my usual Mon/Weds). He seems cool, very loud and high energy, really likes what he does. He and Sifu Katalin played tag-team with the two classes going on simultaneously – Boxing and Krav Maga – which meant you got to work with both of them no matter what class you took, which was… different. Not so structured, but in a good way, cause it kept you on your toes.

In other news, I’ve been shrugging off the whole “Does Bush Wear a Wire?” internet debate because I thought it was a lot of smoke and mirror lefties snickering at each other. Then I caught this article on Salon.com, and I’m thinking I may be one of the clueless hookwinked. Bush apparently has a lot of problems with telepromters (he’s dyslexic), and this sort of push-to-talk system would have been a great tool to use on the campaign trail. My thoughts are thus: if the pres. *does* wear a transciever so he can be in constant contact with the secret service, why didn’t the White House just say so? If that’s all it was, there wouldn’t be anything to hide. Same as if it’s some sort of weird bullet-proof vest of some kind. You’d owe up to it. Stop the controversy. Instead, they’re flat out saying it’s absolutely nothing, and we’re all freak shows. The more you don’t owe up to shit, the more conspiracy theories. Just tell is straight, folks. Oh. I forgot. That’s not how you run a White House…

And, to keep you pissed off – voter fraud in Las Vegas. Of course. Aimed at Democrats. Of Course. Think you’re registered? Think again! (you know, when I filled out my registration form, I wrote in “Independent.” I thought that was really fucking conspiracy-theory cyncical, at the time). Did I need to mention that Nevada’s a swing state?

And, to further baffle you with my mixed link bag o’ goodness, I just had to include this.

For the record, no, I have no idea what the hell the brown teeth things are supposed to be: vagina dentate? (update: I have since been told that they are domokun)

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