Ah, Women’s Boxing Fuck-Ups

Why the fuck her trainer put her in a “pro” fight after less than two months of training… shit. This is why women’s boxing gets a bad rap. There’s nothing inherently wrong with ritualized violence (sports), so long as everybody knows what they’re getting into and everybody plays by the ritual’s rules.

When you don’t, shit happens.

I couldn’t imagine getting into a ring after less than two months of training. After six months, a year, sure. Less than two months? Who’s running this bullshit gig?

But you know, if this was a man, this would be a different story. People’d be like, “What the fuck was he thinking? Gosh, that was stupid,” in addition, of course, to saying, “Why the fuck didn’t anybody stop this fight?” Somebody should have thrown in the towel. They didn’t. And that’s their fuckup, too.

Sports are brutal. That’s what they are. They’re physical tests of skill and endurance. Sending somebody in there who doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing is like sending some 19-year-old kid who signed up straight out of high school, putting a gun in his hand, and telling him to run flat-footed into enemy fire.

After all, he signed up for it, right?

Sure he did. But just as much as it’s his responsibility to take care of himself, it’s a lot of other people’s job to help him get to that point.

And a lot of people fucked up.

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