Big Dogs in Town

The Big Dogs from corporate are in town today, so it’s been a bit of a “busy” (this is a relative term) morning, prepping some stuff for Blaine, my boss. I’ve got a few hours before their plane shows up, but they’ll be here all week, so things could be busy with meetings I’m invited to… or not. I really never know. Just a head’s up.

We’re doing a bunch of heavy restructuring, as we’ve just signed a nationwide contract. My boss has moved from Senior Project Manager to VP Business Development since I’ve been here, and the VP of Wireless North America – let’s call him Mosh – wants to put me back more firmly into the wireless team and ease up on my “support” function for my boss, because really, Blaine doesn’t use me all that much, and I’d be way better as a Project Support Manager better melded with the corporate wireless team. This also means that when I’m ready to move in a year and a half, it’ll be easier to switch offices. I wouldn’t mind working at corporate. They’re out of Colorado.

So I’ll be meeting – let’s call him Piper – the Senior Project Manager (wireless) for North America today, who’ll be my new boss. Yellow’s also going to be moving up in the world – they’re giving him Project Manager North America for this project, so we’ll both be reporting to Piper.

On the phone, Mosh made it sound like this was a Big Promotion for me (we’ll likely be hiring on other people to take over some of my prior duties – you know, back when I *had* duties, six months ago), and he wanted to sit down and talk to me about my “career.”

You better bet I’ll be asking for a crapload more money. Especially if they give me my own support staff.

Muwahhaa haha aha

More later. Linkdump coming up.

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