Black Desert: Still Behind

…but gaining. Am about 7K behind schedule, but that’s 3K less than I was this morning, so that’s something. This week is more relaxed at work, so I figure I’ll be able to catch up a bit before falling behind again next week. Heh.

As you can see, I am not the world’s fastest writer. But I’ll have a draft by the end of April, come hell, high water, and sales season.

Also, Rhys sure is long-winded. I think I wrote 2K of pure internal self-introspective narration. Whine, whine, whine.

See, I like unreliable narrators, but I believe that there are these moments when some of us really do truly see our actions for what they are. These moments of lucidity are fleeting, and immediately after we realize them we tuck them away again and hide from them, cause if we lived with the truth for too long, well, then we’d actually have to DO something with that truth.

So I do enjoy putting in those moments when we stop hiding our motives behind our actions and see them for what they are. It’s nice to capture it in print. Doesn’t mean they’re any more reliable. We just got to see a brief moment of lucidity.

Nyx and Rhys are incredibly different, but they both lie to themselves with the same incredible desperateness of ingrained self-preservation and perpetual self-hate. It hurts them. And it hurts the people around them.

Also, this printer the not-Boyfriend got me months and months ago? It kicks ass beyond all measure. It’s like 30 pages a minute, yo. It’s amazing.

It’s like, the sort of printer a WRITER would have.

And yeah, if you wonder where I get all of my material from? You don’t read this blog. It’s all sillily transparent.

But hey: the blog inspires folks on one end, maybe the books will inspire folks on another. I actually like the idea that they’ll reach totally different audiences, and I’ll get totally different sorts of fan mail for each (yes, I’ve gotten my fair share of blog-related fan mail. It’s why I post things here that are so personal. Sometimes it *does* help people. Other times, yes, I’m just ranting).

Mostly, ranting.

I’d like to say I should be ranting a little more in fiction and a little less here, but they tend to feed each other. When I’m writing, I’m writing, no matter where it is. When I’m not… well, I’m not.



Now I’m just drifting, so I’ll stop. Good night!

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