Got three different taps this mornings about this article in the NY Times (thanks Jenn, B and Maureen!) about the latest, most extensive study done on the relationship between “fat” and “health.”

And guess the fuck what?

People who are overweight but not obese have a lower risk of death than those of normal weight, federal researchers are reporting today.


And being very thin, even though the thinness was longstanding and unlikely to stem from disease, caused a slight increase in the risk of death, the researchers said.

Well, yea.

Here’s the take from the AP version of the story at Alas, A Blog.

I’m going to live forever. Just look in my refrigerator.

Not at my pants size.


Or, to sum up:

“The take-home message from this study, it seems to me, is unambiguous,” Dr. Glassner said. “What is officially deemed overweight these days is actually the optimal weight.”

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