July 11, 2018 — July 14, 2018

Avilés, Spain get directions

Kameron will be a guest at Celsius 232. 

July 11th

17:20 a 18:00 Meeting with Kameron Hurley , accompanied by Lola Robles (auditorium of the House of Culture) 

July 13

11:00 a 11:30 Presentation of the anthologies ” El viento Soñador y otros relatos ” and ” Ciudad Nómada y otros relatos” with the authors Kameron Hurley, Abel Amutxategi, Bandinnelli, Pablo Loperena and Ferrán Varela,   accompanied by their coordinator Mariano Villarreal (tent of activities) 

July 14

19:40 a.m.Round table “Quo vadis, CF?” With Ian Whates, Ian McDonald, Becky Chambers, Lisa Tuttle and Kameron Hurley, accompanied by Elías Combarro (auditorium of the House of Culture) 

Please see the festival guide for complete details on appearances and programming.