Excess Energy

I’ve kicked back up my fitness routine the last couple of weeks, and every time I go to the gym I contemplate paying for a couple training sessions a month from the personal trainers there. Thing is, I can’t afford another $100 a month in fitness costs (the gym is already $55 a month).

Today as I walked into the gym I started along the same track… and then realized I have two perfectly good personal trainers at work who have been trying to get more people to come to them for additional workout regimes and nutrition advice to step up our health and wellness program at work. And that doesn’t cost money!

I’ve been wanting to kick up this routine for awhile, but I needed a stable homelife in order to do that. That is, when you’re not concentrating on things like where your next insulin hit is coming from, you can afford to spent more time thinking about how to get wicked buff again.

I’ll outline a set of goals tonight and setup a meeting with one of our trainers for later this week (work is going to be crazy tomorrow and Thursday, but Friday should have a bit of breathing room). Basically, I want to be buff again, and I want it to be *noticeable.* I’m surprisingly strong now, but that’s not readily apparent because I’m probably about 30 lbs heavier than I need to be. I don’t mind the extra weight – it’s quite comfortable, but if I’m going for a wicked buff look, it’s not doing me any favors.

As opposed to weight numbers, I’d prefer to concentrate on clothing sizes, since weight numbers really don’t tell me anything. I’m looking to go from a comfortable 16 to a comfortable 12, which is what I was in Alaska when I was working out six days a week (which is what it’s going to take – let’s face it).

I honestly really welcome the up tempo. As noted, I have a ton of excess energy to burn off, and I think this is a great way to harness that (and being buffer and sleeker sure won’t hurt for the book launch next year).

I tend to work better when I’m in better shape anyway, and that’s never been so true as it’s been since I got the sugar death, so hey.

Win all around.

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