Had a good class last night. It was the second “special class” of the month, that is, our usual scheduled programming was replaced by Muay Thai. It was fun, and I had a great partner. She was a frickin’ Amazon (5’10 about 190lbs), and after assuring me I wasn’t going to hurt her, I pumped up the amount of power I was using in our headlocks and knee strikes, and when we broke, she was hopping up and down and grinning, “We’re both really strong!” she said, “This is great!”

So, we kicked the crap out of each other, and I suspect I’ve got some bruises. It was great.

In any case, I’ve also found that the monetary difference between “unlimited classes” and “two days a week” for our MA school is $24. For some reason I had a whole other set of monetary increments in my head. I’m definately switching to full-time classes next month.

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