Fitness Update

I made it a point to work in some pilates and a nice long walk with my niece while I was back in the PNW. This wasn’t tough, as the weather was great. I ended up eating a piece of French bread too many while at home, and the numbers during my first day or two traveling weren’t great (but that tends to happen anyway, when I travel). Overall, though, my average BG has gone down a few points (from 144 to 138 – which corresponds with a 5.9-6 A1c), and my morning readings have gone down about 20 points, on average. Still a ways to go – I’m looking for an average number of 120-125 (which would get me a 5.5-5.7 A1c).

Eliminating all that coffee cake and low-carb (read: almond flour) treats after dinner also allowed me to drop 6 lbs, which gets me closer to my maintenance weight again.Still, the last few days of traveling churned over some of the good work I’ve done, so it’s good that I’m back in my routine.

Now that the eating part is back on track, I realize that much of what led to this sudden jump in weight over the holidays wasn’t just coffee cake: I haven’t ridden my bike to work since early December (cold and snow), and our twice-a-week workouts at the day job were canceled back in November. That means I’m getting at least 2.5 hours less physical activity every week, and that adds up. 

Winter is holding on – we’re expecting more snow this weekend – but the new house is a little further from work, so when biking weather arrives again, I’ll be putting in a little extra. Not sure what to do about the lack of midday workouts. I’m considering switching my tough workout to the morning and the pilates to the evening to ensure that I get in the tough workout (I’m more insulin resistant in the morning, so it makes sense to workout more then. One of the big obstacles I face with evening workouts is low sugar).

Overall, I’m feeling a little better, but still doughier than I’d like. Would love to take up boxing again when/if i can afford it. We’ll see how much we can sock away once we’re settling in our new digs.

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