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So, my roomie is outta here for the holidays (not that it’ll be all that different around the house – she and her SO have been connected at the hip for the last two weeks, so I haven’t seen much of her. They’re terribly cute), which means I’m going to be watching a lot of movies this weekend, so you’ll likely be getting lots of me-pissed-off-at-movies posts in the near future. I’m also planning on sitting down and writing up a rant about Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy. Apologies to Anne in advance if she ever gets here through Google. It ain’t gonna be pretty. I intend to bitch (I. Can’t. Believe. I. Read. This. Book.).

It’s also Holiday Blues time again, so I’ll be doing some more how-did-this-year-go speculation/roundups (to remind myself that no, really, I’ve done OK this year), including favorite books and movies of the year, with commentary. And I’ll also be speculating about what I’ve got to work on this year. My list is extraordinary: aim for the stars so you can hit the moon.

I’ll be heading out on Wednesday to WA state for a nice, relaxing holiday in the sticks. I’m looking forward to silent nights (the only sound that of cows and coyotes – not a train to be heard for miles and miles), long dreary jogging routes, and hopefully a day trip to the beach. Blogging will be sporadic from the 23rd-29th, as my parents’ place has a dial-up modem and only one working computer (my brother’s mad machine).

If anyone wants to chat outside the comments, you can reach me at my usual “public” address: kameron_hurley AT – for those back in WA, I’ll be sending you all let’s-do-lunch invites soon. Hope to see you!

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