Getting Back Into It

So, I’ve started to go soft and doughy, like cookies. Like cookie dough, which I’ve decided is a very Buffy-appropriate way to describe my state post-MA school.

My morning weight routine has been spotty, and what it really needs is a dynamic overhaul. Every six months or so, it’s good to just change the whole thing out and do different exercises. Also, my pushups count is ridiculously low, and I need to get it back up to 50. Currently, I’m not even at a continuous 30. I’m at more like, uh… 20. On a good day.

I told you: it’s sad.

There’s also the big issue of figuring out a good gym for me. The MA school wiped me out, moneywise, and with things so tight, I need to find a place that offers some boxing or kickboxing classes, pilates, and access to regular cardio machines so I can get back to a regular workout schedule. I miss it, and not just for the not-being-soft-and-doughy part. The endorphin rush at the end of the day is always a pleasure.

And, to be honest, I just feel stonger and more confident when I’ve got some classes under my belt for the week.

And, to be honest…

I really miss beating the shit out of stuff.

The solution to that may be to get a punching bag and just keep it on our back porch and head out there whenever I’m pissed to burn off some energy. I’ve still got my handwraps, and I think it would really be good for me.

In the meantime, I’m getting back to my lunch hour power walking routine, which bit it here during those 90+ days we had. Walking outside was like moving into an oven, and I’ve been lax about it. Time to get back on the ball.

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