God’s War Trilogy

(or, The Bel Dame Apocrypha)


Nyx is a former government assassin turned bounty hunter paid to collect the heads of terrorists and deserters. Cast out from her honorable assassins’ guild and imprisoned for breaking one rule too many, Nyx and her crew of mercenaries are driven by money, not loyalty. But when a dubious deal with an alien emissary goes awry, her name is at the top of the government’s list to head a covert recovery.

While the centuries-long war rages on only one thing is certain: the world’s best chance for peace rests in the hands of its most ruthless killers. . .


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What People Are Saying

“Inventive, challenging, tough as nails – just like its hard-hitting heroine. Recommended.” – Joe Abercrombie

 “The ostensibly ground-breaking, jaw-dropping ultra-progressive newness of God’s War is important because it isn’t important. God’s War is remarkable not because it pushes the boundaries of science fiction, but because it is a novel in which those boundaries are already gone.”   –Pornokitsch

“Kameron Hurley’s a brave, unflinching, truly original writer with a unique vision–her fiction burns right through your brain and your heart.” – Jeff VanderMeer, author of Finch

“Hurley’s world-building is phenomenal… (she) smoothly handles tricky themes such as race, class, religion, and gender without sacrificing action.” –Publishers Weekly

“Are you frustrated with Mary Sue heroines? Well, here comes God’s War to rock your face off… If you like rough, battle-scarred women who know how to regulate, you’re going to love Nyx… She makes Han Solo look like a boy scout.” i09

 “God’s War is a novel of blood and sand, and Hurley makes us feel both–the oppressive heat, the buzz of insects, the stench of a war zone, a boxing ring, or a magician’s laboratory.  It’s an impressive achievement…”- Abigail Nussbaum
” This beautifully crafted novel is truly a work of art—bloody, brutal, bug-filled art.”- The Ranting Dragon, Speculative Fiction News & Reviews

 “An aggressively dark, highly original SF-fantasy novel with tight, cutting prose and some of the most inventive world-building I’ve seen in a while.” –  Fantasy Literature.com

 “God’s War was part slow burn, part explosive action… in the end the novel was utterly compelling.- Tor.com



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“If you want a down-and-dirty book that takes a hard look at the consequences of religious intolerance and holds a shotgun to the idea of what “feminine” is, read God’s War.” – SFF Divas

“Budding authors take note: you want to know how to do that “show me don’t tell me” trick? Read this book. Read every sentence. Hurley’s writing is full of descriptive wonder, of an almost M. John Harrison-y, Jeff Vandermeer-y appreciation for intense color, smell, and sound.” – The Little Red Reviewer

“…where some writers might focus on high-tech weapons or explosive battles in space, Hurley brings things down to a personal level, recalling more the toughminded realism of Chris Moriarty’s Spin State…” – New York Review of Science Fiction

“…if you’re in a mood for a challenging but engaging science fiction novel – PICK THIS UP!” – Girl XOXO.com

God’s War is a violent tale set against the backdrop of a centuries-old holy war. But beyond all the blood and violence, it’s a beautifully crafted work of art that keeps astonishing you when you least expect it.” – Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

“Hurley belongs in the new class of Sci-Fi authors we’ve been waiting for to invigorate the genre along the sides of Rajaniemi, Bacigalupi, and Yu…” – The Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf and Book Review

“God’s War (2011) by Kameron Hurley, a punchy, pacy science fictional thriller (with all sorts of deliciously knotty thematic goodness) that has the sort of opening you don’t forget in a hurry.” – Nic Clark

  God’s War is a clever reinterpretation of the war novel.  Hurley takes on issues of gender roles, violence, and religion and does it all with a deft hand.” Justin Stafford, Staffer’s Musings

 “God’s War is a fine piece of writing, and not one that its readers will easily forget.” – Escape Pod

“God’s War is one of the most thought-provoking debuts I’ve read so far this year.” – Locus Magazine

 “Hurley indeed creates in her lead character a thoroughly unlikeable, but wholly independent, female Conan. Actually, that’s wrong: Nyxnissa would quite clearly kick Conan’s ass. In her own words, “Women can fight as well as fuck, you know” (p. 64). Coarse and inelegant, but bold and pungent: Nyx’s retort might be this punchy, refreshing, and imperfect novel’s grating, gutsy epigram. Just what the genre ordered.” – Strange Horizons Magazine


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