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We had a big meeting today at work because our health benefits will change Nov. 1st. I’d known this was coming since I signed with the company, so I was nervous and busy doing math and looking up tiered drugs and in-network providers and going through all the paperwork and thinking, wait a minute, this can’t be right…

But when we went into the meeting, we found out that yes, in fact the paperwork was right.

Our new plan requires a $100 individual deductible, and then it pays 100% of in-network costs. 100% of prescriptions. 80% of out-of-network if you really want to stick with another doctor.

No, no: seriously.

100% of prescriptions and no doctor co-pay in-network.

This means, not only do I no longer pay my $15 co-pay that I thought was so fucking sweet, but I no longer pay the $70 per month in diabetic supplies.

I will no longer be paying healthcare costs of any kind except for the $10 per month the company takes out of my paycheck (so long as I stay in network, and yes, my endo is in-network).

Me and one of my work buddies went over the math some more afterwards. He has high drug costs as well, and we both just sort of looked at each other and went, “Holy fuck no shit this can’t fucking be true.”

It’s like fucking socialized medicine.



Fucking Christmas.

No idea how long this will last (at least through next year), but living in Dayton just got a lot sweeter. I might make less than I did in Chicago, but add in the huge amount I’m saving on drugs and medical costs, and I’m easily making more than I did there.

We gave the HR Director a round of applause.

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