Sorry so quiet today – I spent all morning trying to figure out where I’d found this:

It’s here. I found a commenter over at Atrios who pointed faithful readers this way…

I only managed to catch about 20 minutes of the VP debate, because I’m still fighting off some sickness, and I had my MA class last night. I don’t remember ever finding politics this entertaining – I think the entertainment value goes up the more informed you are. Within about a minute and a half, I understood why everybody says that Cheney’s the brain-behind-the-Bush. After watching Bush blustering through his bashing by Kerry, seeing Cheney lie and dodge like a pro was really neat. Edwards, I thought, came off as terribly boyish and excited, which may have undermined some of his credibility, but ultimately, he seemed to be having a really great time, while Cheney looked increasingly tired and bored.

For all the “joking” about Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker… well, the resemblences were pretty funny.

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