I Hate My Job, Monday Edition

The coffeemaker at work is broken.

You’d think this would be enough tragedy for one day. I’m stuck here in the back of the office with a bunch of architect temps, including Viagra Guy, who felt it neccessary to call his pharmacist from work and request that they give him more Viagra pills because, “I have more activity than other people.” He also just talks a lot in general about things like the weather, droughts, and local sporting events. He bores the crap out of me. I keep my headphones on and the music loud and ignore him as best as possible.

I’ve been stuck here in the back because we have a lot of uploading to do, and we have a cable connection back here, so I’m uploading from two computers a laptop and a desktop. I hate this job. I hate the repetition. This isn’t even my goddamn project, it’s someone else’s, and yet, *I’m* the one stuck on two computers? What the fuck is up with that? The laptop is now giving me shit this morning, and I have to keep restarting it. I’m irritated at work, I hate this job.

I spent all weekend packing and moving stuff up to the 3rd floor apartment. Me and Jenn had a short window on Friday, and were hauling stuff up two flights of stairs in 90+ degree heat until nine at night. All in all, I’m happy about the move and love the upstairs space, but I’m ready to just get all that shit done. Hopefully the current tenant will move out a littl early and I can haul more stuff up during the week. B will be in town this weekend to help.

And let me tell you, 1642 books is all well and good until you have to pack them up and haul them box by bloody fucking box up two flights of stairs. We hauled about 1500 books on Friday.

To help alleviate some of this stress, I’ve finally joined a gym again, a much more local one, that’s got kickboxing and pilates classes as well. That’s a big load off my mind. I’ve been missing gym work, and I know that’s been seriously wearing on me these last few months.

I’m also bleeding like a fucking lamb at the block, but hey, I’m bleeding. Got my follow-up PP appointment on Friday, which’ll be nice. Still happy with the IUD; when I look at my other options (weight gain, depression, mood swings) compared to these ones (blood and pain), the blood and pain really isn’t so bad. Motrin works wonders.

I’m behind on a lot of other stuff (writing, reading, Arabic), but I’ve been so stressed out this last week I just really don’t care. This week, of course, I’ll need to start caring, and particularly once the move is finished, things need to get back on track.

Ce la vie.

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