But, alas, he’s old and bitter.

But damn fucking funny. Germaine Greer is now apparantely signing up for Celebrity Big Brother in England. Germaine Greer and Brigitte Nielson (of Red Sonja fame) in the same house?

Oh, shoot me.

Nick’s thoughts on programming, which are so purely Nick that I’m reproducing them in their entirety, and sending you his way:

Unfortunately, America is so anti-intellectual that we don’t even have any famous enough to make it onto Celebrity Big Brother. I know I’d watch Fear Factor if there was a chance to see Noam Chomsky eat a rat on the show. Irving Kristol and Murray Bookchin can switch households and speaking duties for two weeks on Ideology Swap. I can just imagine a shot of Kristol peering into a crude hole cut into a wooden plank and saying “You poop…WHERE?” Judith Butler is…The Bachelorette! Or maybe we can have a show where people call in to vote on whether or not Susan Sontag was a lesbian; we’ll call it Who’s Your Life Partner? Let’s just throw the whole lot of them on a show where they have to make their way from the Sahara to Johannesburg: The Subaltern Race.

The possibilities are endless. As an official Nielsen Family worth 40,000 normal people, I demand that production on some of these shows begin immediately!

Judith Butler as The Bachelorette. Can’t you just see it?

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