I’ve Been Found Out

Got a call at my desk from Yellow yesterday.

“Can you come back here?” he said.

I walked back to his cubicle expecting that I was going to get into trouble for putting in the wrong dates for something or miscalculating the number of LMUs we’ve installed.

I saw that he was surfing the internet.

Yellow: “So how does this thing with your agent work? How did it go?” (I’d mentioned in my e-mail about time off that I was taking last Friday off to work on my book because an agent was interested in it).

Me: She wants the whole thing, but I’ve gotta do edits first. If she likes it and thinks she can sell it, she’ll sign me. If she doesn’t, she won’t.

Yellow: So, like how much money can you make off something like that?

Me: Depends. Low end, 5K-20K. I’d like to make 40K, which is enough to pay off all my student loans and credit cards. If I’m really, really, lucky, the la-la land figure is six figures for book one with an option for book two.

Yellow: I’m soooo getting your resignation letter in a couple months.

Me: Uh. It’ll be a lot longer than a couple months. And then, I’d only leave it was six figures. Anything less, and I have to keep the desk jockey job.

Yellow: You know, I’m thinking about writing a book.

Me: I’m sure you are, Yellow.

Yellow: What? I totally knew you’d laught. So, you know all about this blog stuff, right?

Me: ??

Yellow: What are some good blogs to read? Tuff over there is looking for some love poems.

Me: Love poems? (????)

Yellow: Yea. He’s Italian. Love poems.

Me: Yellow, you’re asking the wrong person.

Yellow: But you know all about blogs (??). What’s a good blog? What do you read?

Me: (is he fishing to see if I’ll recommend mine?) I mostly read feminist and science fiction blogs.

Yellow: So, what’s a good one?

Me: (does he really think I’m going to recommend mine??) Well, there’s this one called Bitch Ph.D. She’s pretty cool.

Yellow: (covers his face with his hands) Oh, man, you would recommend a blog called that.

Me: Yup.

Yellow: Tuff! Hey, Tuff! Kameron says she doesn’t know of any love poetry blogs.

Tuff: That’s OK, I’ll google it.

Yellow: Google “love poetry.”

Tuff: Oh, yea. There are lots of love poetry blogs, I just know it.

Yellow: You know, Tuff, you can google all sorts of things.

Me: Yellow, did you actually call me back here for something work-related, or are you just bored?

Yellow: I’m just bored.

Me: OK, Yellow

I have a sneaking suspicion I may have been found out.

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