Kicking Up the Fitness Routine

I’ve been re-polishing my fitness routine to get myself back on track. Now that fitness days are back at work (at the end of each quarter, we get a week off while the trainers do our fitness assessments), I’m working at getting the most bang for my buck.

The trainers are really cool in that they know I’m pretty strong and need a challenge. Today they kicked my group up again (it used to be me, the Amazon, and the marathon runner, but it’s down to just me and the Amazon), so it was all walking lunges with medicine ball twists followed by weighted one-legged squats, rinse and repeat.

We finished with 15 min of cardio. I hobbled down the stairs.

But I wasn’t done for the day. I came home and put in my 20 minutes of pilates, mainly because I saw a huge difference in strength and flexibility today after just two weeks sporadic pilates sessions while waiting for our regular workouts to come back.

So right now the goal looks like:

Morning: 15 min freeweights
10:00-11:30am: 30 min strength training + cardio at work
Evening: 20 minutes pilates

Morning: 15 minutes freeweights
Evening: 45-50 minutes of cardio

In an ideal world, I’d kick that up to 5-6 days per week. But for now, I want to get through two or three consistent weeks of this before I kick it up. This one looks doable. Pushing too far too fast has gotten me into trouble before.

And really, the only addition to this is the twice at week cardio at the gym. I’ve been doing the pilates sporadically for awhile now.

Yeah, I’m continually amazed at how much regular exercise I have to get just to stay this size. It’s kinda weird. On the other hand, if I look at it more as “this is the amount of work I have to do to stay this strong,” that *does* make a lot more sense.

Lifting shit takes a lot of work, yo. And after reading somewhere that something horrible like 90% of women over age 50 can’t lift more than 20 lbs… Yeah, that’s a huge motivator for staying active and lifting weights.

I do not intend to be brittle-boned at 50 (yes, weightlifting decreases your risk of osteoporosis. More reasons to get buff!).

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