More on the Dove Ads Controversy

Whoda thunk it’d be a controversy to show a couple of size 10-16 women in their underwear?

Apparently, most men don’t like them.

Well, luckily, men aren’t buying Dove products:

Here’s what some people (most of them men) think of the Dove ads: “THEY’RE DISGUSTING,” reads a post on a popular online bulletin board. The author’s opinion expressed entirely in uppercase, is that the Dove women are FAT COWS. The sentiment seems to be shared by the unknown parties who’ve scrawled graffiti on the women’s pictures in New York and slapped stickers with crude slogans over the ads in the United Kingdom.

But a number of the derogatory comments haven’t been anonymous at all — they’re coming from the popular media, and not just from the “morning zoo” radio shows or lad mags from which we tend to expect (and laugh off) this kind of frat-boy shtick. No, this stuff is coming from places as mainstream as the Sun-Times and Channel 2 News.

Wake up, boys. I have no interest in whether or not you think I’m beautiful.

I can kick your ass.

I want a giant picture of me with a boot up some fat media guy’s ass plastered all around New York.

That’d be some controversy for you.

UPDATE: Well, twisty’s got some goods:

This Dove-is-so-great crap must cease! Dove is not so great! Dove’s “real” women are, like, 22, and they’re conventionally pretty, and they’re in their fucking underwear. They are given insipid slogans, like “I felt absolutely beautiful on my wedding day!” Mouse over’em and they morph into bent-kneed playboy sexbots. They’re selling beauty crack. On the website there’s even a section where you can vote on the hotness of more “real” models, à la The message: Dove products will give you the only thing that patriarchy actually values in a woman: a tight ass.

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