More Reasons to Like My Boss

Well, besides the fact that he’s out traveling 2-3 weeks every month, has been known to bring me coffee, never hangs over my shoulder, and takes great stock in my perceived intelligence in matters of reading, research, computer knowledge, and grammer… and seems to assume that I’m psychic….

Blaine burst into the office this morning and began downloading, printing, filing, and requesting help to do said tasks. Big meetings going on today, and he was about to fly out (our office is about 5 min from the airport).

He briefed me in his best abbreviated style about sending out an SOQ (Statement of Qualifications) for a new firm we’re talking up. I was also put on research duty, as nobody’s all that familiar with them.

“Work with Ned on this,” Blaine said. “And tell him to stop procrastinating.”

Ned: Regional VP mucky-muck.

Me: Lowly admin. who, until just now, had never heard of an SOQ.

“If you have any questions,” Blaine told the secretary, Cyllia, who was making folders for Blaine’s files, “just ask Kameron. She knows all about what I’m working on.”

This was news to me.

I had printed out some RFPs. I hadn’t had time to read any of them. I had no idea where he was flying out to, or why, though I suspected it involved one of our partner firms, as I worked on a powerpoint presentation with Rhea yesterday.

Oh well.

Let him think I’m a scary genius who knows what the hell a “microwave backhaul project” is… after all, due to great things like the internet, it never takes me long to catch up.

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