No Control For You, Woman!

So, it’s finally hit USA Today. I’d heard rumors of scattered pharmacists refusing to fill contraceptive perscriptions to women, but now we’ve got a nice article all about it. This should scare the shit out of men at least half as much as it should scare the shit out of women.

If you don’t want to fill a perscription based on “moral grounds” than you shouldn’t be a pharmacist. If you don’t believe in science, you shouldn’t be a teacher, and if you don’t believe that women are people, you shouldn’t be a doctor.

It is nice to finally see in black and white what all the abortion bruhaha is *really* about:

“We have always understood that the battles about abortion were just the tip of a larger ideological iceberg, and that it’s really birth control that they’re after also,” says Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood (news – web sites) Federation of America.

And controlling a woman’s fertility is about controlling women. How many times do people have to say this before it sinks in? Before we all have to go marching on Washington yet again? Before we start being worried about packing the Supreme Court?

Be worried. Be worried about this more than terrorism, because times of Great Foreign Fear are the times when “little stuff” like this slides right in, and takes another two decades of hard fighting to get rid of. In the mean time, hundreds of thousands of women’s lives will be co-opted by their fertility, and thousands more will die trying to get abortions illegally. That’s what happens.

Stay awake, people.

Go to Naral Pro-Choice America and sign some petitions (it takes, like 3 minutes). Also, check out your local Plan Parenthood and see if they need any volunteers a couple hours a week.

via Jenn.

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