October Surprise!

So, what’s your guess for October’s “surprise” fear tactic to increase Bush approval ratings?


“It will be revealed that the three token female bloggers the A-list confesses to stealing material from via Bloglines are actually men who work for the DNC.” – CC

“All kidding aside, we’re going to get another alert that terrorists have crossed our borders.” – Trish Wilson

“They won’t be imaginative, because something too complex won’t have the emotional pull they need.

But it would be cool if it were that McCain will commit hari-kari on the Capitol steps to show his support for the Bush campaign.” – Amanda

“Palace revolt. Congressional Repugs see THEIR jobs going down the rathole with Bush. There is a shootout between the Congressional delegation and the Saved. The pragmatics win the soul of Bush. The RNC dumps Cheney “for health reasons” and puts in McCain for VP. McCain accepts on behalf of his friends in the Senate. Everyone wins and the country sinks into the sunset.

I hope it doesn’t happen. Don’t let any Republicans read this.” – Anon

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