Me & Jenn did, and we’re poor and have no money. But hey, that’s $20 more to stuff down some asshole’s throat.

If SD pisses you off, why not send some money to somebody worthwhile? Even $5. It’ll make you feel better. That, or you could send hangers to the governor of SD. I’m getting increasingly pissed off, and that’ll be my next act of anger.

Cause it’s abortion today, and birth control tomorrow, and isn’t that exciting!

IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN ABORTION, DON’T HAVE ONE. Don’t try telling me what my “empty vessel” body’s good for. That’s my decision.

And whoever these women are who believe that they’re “aborting babies” by taking the pill because they’re confused about what the pill does (makes your body think you’re pregnant, so you don’t ovulate), and what abortion is (“abortion” doesn’t happen until *after* a *fertilized egg* *attaches itself to the uterus* and is *removed from the uterus after having been attached*) – DON’T TAKE THE PILL. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE KILLING “BABIES” THEN DON’T USE BIRTH CONTROL OR DON’T HAVE SEX.

Don’t tell me what to do with my own girl parts, thanks. That’s my decision.

You know, Iran tried this “ban contraception” thing and doubled their population in 10 years. They had to retract that particular little law because they couldn’t support the excess population – too many abandoned babies, too many poor men and women who needed help from the state to raise their children, huge drain on social services.

But nobody reads history anymore.

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