ActivistGradGirl has a great series of posts up about sex, gender, and sexuality here, here and here. Some really great thoughts on the gender binary we get banged on the head with. I think my biggest surprise regarding aguments for gay marriage was that nobody played these two big cards:

1) If you’re going to say marriage is only between a man and a woman, you’re going to have to define man and woman. And you’re going to have to be really strict about it. So that women who are “visibly” women but who have XY chromosomes shouldn’t be allowed to marry men who have XY chromosomes, and what about those who’ve had their sex surgically altered, whether in infancy (hemaphrodites, the most famous famous/visible here in America being Jamie Lee Curtis), or in adulthood? Man/Woman biology isn’t an exact science.

2) Not allowing same-sex marriage is sexist. Period. If I was born a man, I would be able to marry a woman, but because I’m a woman, I can only marry a man.


Hello! Obvious sexism here, people!

Anyway, she’s got some good thoughts on what makes up sex and sexuality (throw out the illusion of the gender binary! Blah!). Check it out.

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