State of the Union

To sum up: it’s been a bitch.

Want to know the last time I actually wrote something substantial and actually finished it? Oh, I don’t know… about 4 months ago? Three, if you count a chapter of something as “finishing.” I think I’ve only got two or three stories in the mail. Utterly pathetic.

And no sooner had my traveling schedule settled down than I came down with a sinus infection, leading to this, which led to that oh-so-female malaise (antibiotics + sex = much, much discomfort) that required me to eat a lot of yogurt and sent me scuddling to bed early and avoiding MA classes and exercise of any kind for the last two weeks. Now that that’s over (a week of “what the fuck is this?” followed by most of a week of yogurt-eating and cranberry juice-swilling while symptoms eased off), my sinuses are acting up again, and I feel like a walking vector of disease.

About the only good news I’ve got is that things at work appear to be settling down, which means I’m back to working with Yellow and Dee on manageable projects (300 sites instead of, say, 1200) where I have a clearly defined role and a clearly defined “boss”. It makes doing actual work a fuck of a lot easier.

I also managed to lose my internet card Somewhere in New Jersey, so I don’t have net access from my computer at home (I called NJ today and had them go back to the walk-up computers and look for the computer slipcase and card, but they couldn’t find it, and nobody’d turned it in), so I’ve been getting a lot of reading and sleeping done at home. I really need to call RCN tonight and get them to help me configure my internal wireless card – for some reason, it’s been having trouble picking up on our network, and I tried to print something out on Jenn’s computer yesterday and fucked up her printer somehow. There’s nothing better for roommate relations that fucking up something that belongs to your roommate while she’s in high stress mode, especially when if I’d have called RCN in the first place, I wouldn’t have needed to use her printer.

Fuck-ups galore.

In fact, I’ve been doing altogether too much reading and sleeping lately, though I’m hoping that being ailment-and-immediate-stress-free will help get me out of my funk. Though workouts have gone out the window the last 6 weeks or so (it got to the point where I couldn’t even manage to get down to the hotel gym, I was feeling so low), I’ve been back into my morning weights routine the last couple of weeks, and it looks like this’ll be the week I get back to my workouts.

I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do about my MA school, and whether or not I want to switch to a gym that’s got more bang for less buck. I can get pilates classes with more flexible times, kickboxing classes, and access to a full range of gym equipment, which’ll make 5-6 days a week of workouts that much easier (6th day being merely a pilates day). As it is, I physically can’t double up on MA classes on Mon/Weds because of how late I get home from downtown, and I hate going in more than 3 times a week because 1) I start getting sick of the place and feeling obsessive 2) I need those Tues/Thurs/Fri days to be a little different so I can shake up the routine. Keeping Tues/Thurs as jogging days’ll be great – until winter hits again. I’d like to have a gym much, much closer to my place that gives me greater flexibility for less money.

So after much thought, it looks like I’ll be switching over to a new gym come May/June, at least for the summer. If I miss my MA classes too much, I can always switch back. We’ll see what I think of the set-up. As it stands, the ease with which I’d get there is just staggering, and it’s just a few blocks from home. If I want to be at the place I want to be with my weight/fitness by year’s end, I’ve gotta ramp up these workouts, and having a place downtown where I’m locked into a 45 min class + transit time just isn’t cutting it. And yea, the gym cost will be half what I’m paying for MA classes, and honestly, money’s really hurting right now. Too many health care expenses the last couple of months, bought a new bed, need to get to Wiscon (doesn’t look like Glasgow is even feasible). Shit to do, and the bills aren’t going away, either.

LSATs are also in June, and I need to call and see where the local test is being administered. I’ve also got to seriously ramp up my study, if I don’t want to bomb the damn thing.

Taxes are also due, and have to get done this weeked, as B is in town the next weekend, and well, next Friday *is* the 15th. Fuck, I better not fucking owe anything. I don’t have any damn money. Fucktards.

On the other good news front, the weather’s finally clearing up to sunny 70s Chicago spring weather, and though my workouts have sucked, I’ve actually got my diet pretty well figured out. I added in 2-3 extra servings of fruit/veg every day and started taking a multi-vitamin, and I have a feeling the last of my binge-twinges are ready to go by the wayside. Overall, I feel pretty good on that front.

It also turns out that I didn’t overspend myself as badly as I thought I did this weekend, so I’ll just be able to afford the paintball outting with Jenn and the rest of her grad department on Saturday – and still manage to pick up a couple of groceries, too.

Having money with which to actually do things is always nice. Someday, I’ll figure out this money thing. Until then, it’s paycheck to paycheck.

And everything else is day-by-day.

Here’s to hoping shit starts moving, and things get better.

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