Stuff That Pisses Me Off

If America were Iraq, what would it look like? This is great.

And, from the Guardian: “Poll Giving Kerry Lead Stirs Controversy.” Funny, how it’s only the polls that give *Kerry* a lead that stir up controversy, huh?

And, you gotta give props to Southern Africa:

MANZINI, Swaziland – Bus conductors in Swaziland vowed on Friday to assault and rape female passengers who wore miniskirts, sparking outrage among women’s groups in the conservative African kingdom.

“We will teach these women respect. We will fix them with our brush handles,” Simon Ndwandwe, a bus conductor from Manzini, said at the bus rank on Friday.

A bus conductor calling himself only Licandza said: “Women who wear miniskirts want to be raped, and we will give them what they want.”

What I love about stories like the above is the bullshit factor. All those skimpy skirts – those men just couldn’t contain themselves. Men are such uncivilized animals that they can’t contain their lustful urges when staring a woman’s legs. Oh, don’t feed me this bullshit. It’s not only insulting to women, it’s insulting to *men*. Call it what it is: asserting male power over women so that men can feel better about themselves. And if you think rape is “no big deal” (something tells me that the sort of guys who say that wouldn’t be so quick if asked whether or not they thought being gang-sodomized was their idea of a great time) consider this: the HIV/AIDS infection rate in Swaziland is 38.6% – the highest in the world next to Botswana, who gets the prize with 38.8%.

What always interests me with these gang rape cases, as well, is that many men actually find that they can’t get physically aroused, so they end up using things like the above (broom handles) or bottles or something else lying around to assault a woman. I’ve read of this happening in Vietnam as well, when US soldiers felt that they had to participate in gang rape in order to seem like “one of the guys.” The problem was, they really didn’t get off on it at all, and couldn’t “perform.” It’s not about the sex. It’s not about feeling lustful cause you can see a woman’s legs.

Anyone who says it is is lying.

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