Sugar Acrobatics

I’ve been having some issues with my sugar since I got back from Spain, so I’ve been running numbers like this

(as a refresher: a normal person has a fasting glucose of about 80. I need to stay under 150. Over 200, you do permanent damage. I record three times a day: before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I test more than that, but generally, these are the only ones I record):

185 – bad

142 – OK


148 – OK
157 – OK

177 – bad

These aren’t horrible numbers, but I’ve only been able to make them by adjusting my insulin in the middle of the night. When I test at night because I’ve woken up for some reason – usually because my feet are bothering me (poor circulation caused by high sugar) or I have to pee (also caused by high sugar).

So at night, instead of running around 100 – which is what I test at before bed, my sugar has been climbing by nearly a hundred points at night while I sleep. So I’ll test at 185/200/175 around midnight/three am (no, unless I wake up because of some discomfort, I don’t generally test in the middle of the night)

Ideally, I’d like to get these sorts of numbers from a few weeks ago, which I was achieving *without* this odd midnight adjustmentof 4-5 units:


144 – OK
157 – OK



153 – OK

Of course, looking at the actual differences between those numbers now, side by side, I realize I’m being kind of anal about the whole thing.

But you know, high numbers in the middle of the night (which I generally don’t record, so they don’t show up in this comparison) make me feel like shit the next morning.

This particular morning, I blame the two pieces of pizza I had last night, but you know, after covering for said pizza and going to bed 4 hours after eating with a 75 number only to wake up at 3:30 am with a 207 is just *weird.*

Bodies are *weird.*

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