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Llama Army: Revolution Roundup

Greetings, fellow llamas!

The llama llaunch is now in week two, so let us take a gander at what you may have missed:

Did you miss the Llama Facts for the last couple weeks? They’re on Pinterest now! 


Chicago: I’ll be at Printer’s Row Lit Fest THIS WEEKEND. Come say hi, visit the panel, buy a book, get it signed!

Dayton: My first bookstore signing will be at the Beavercreek, Ohio Barnes and Noble on Saturday, June 25th at 2pm. See you there!

Summer Events: Check the events calendar, which I’m updating as I go!

There have been an incredible number of heartwarming reviews from fans and fellow writers about the book, too many to list. Thanks to everyone for buying and sharing the book. Can’t stop the signal.

I have some other stuff in the works, my llama friends. More as it happens.

In the meantime…. have you got your llama yet??