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Epic Fencing Undertaking

J. and I are busy negotiating an epic fencing experience for our house. It will look something like this:

You all don’t want to know how many book checks worth of fence this is, but it was the only fence type we could get mostly-approved by our neighbors. Welcome to historic suburbia. As somebody who grew up in a rural neighborhood where folks would pull a gun on you if you said anything to them about their right to build a fence, this whole “fence negotiations with neighbors” thing is weird to me. I mean, who wants to know what’s going on in my yard? The neighbors, apparently. Welcome to Stepford. Oh well. It will look very pretty. And epic.

In other news, the publication date for God’s War: Infidel is now October 1st. Mark you calendars!

We’re proposing a book 3 shortly, so if you want to see more books in the series, I’d advise buying tons of GW copies and pre-ordering Infidel the moment it pops up on Amazon. Will let you know when that happens as soon as I see it.

Should also have a book cover for Infidel to show off pretty soon.

Good times.