Actually, what I found interesting about this study is that they didn’t break up the results based on the gender/sex of the teen. I’m not sure how to read that. More significantly, they didn’t ask about “safe” sex – when teens choose to have sex, how much time do you spend thinking about contraception, what do you use, do you just shrug and go “Oh, nobody gets pregnant the first time!” or “of course he doesn’t have herpes, he’s a nice boy!” etc.

That would be far more interesting. “Teenagers have sex” (and don’t tell their parents! Shocking!) is a pretty dull reason/conclusion for a study. I remember condoms being a big, big deal in college. You just didn’t have unsafe sex. That’s the way it was (same attitude in South Africa, for obvious reasons). In high school, being younger, less informed, I had friends who did some really dumb stuff really dumbly, but college was a different matter. I’d be more interested in how teens approach the potential consequences of sex – physically and emotionally.

“People have sex” is a given. What a waste of money.

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