The Bitch is LYING: Or, Dan Savage is a Fucktard

So, say you had this friend. You find her very attractive. She happens to be married and has four kids, and she takes you into her confidence and admits that her husband is an abusive fuck who’s raped her, abused the kids, and threatened to kill her.

What would you do?

1) tell her that’s really awful, and give her the number for the local women’s shelter

2) run away with her and the kids and kill her husband for her

3) tell her she’s a lying ho, because any woman who stays with a fucker who says they’re going to kill them would be stupid, cause that makes no sense, then laugh in her face and break off the friendship

If you chose #3, you and Dan Savage will get along just fine!


Maybe I’m just shocked that the girl of your dreams—the girl of any man’s dreams—would be a married woman with four children

Because women with kids are soooo not sexy.

and what may be the worst taste in men this side of Denise Richards.

Ah, you stupid women! Alwasy choosing fuckups! What’s wrong with you?? Men never choose fuckups. Just hos. And that’s different. That’s about sex and clean kitchens.

Can this angel-on-earth pick ’em or what?

What a stupid ho! How can you like this stupid ho! I mean, no decent woman ever found herself in an abusive relationship with a fucktard, and any woman who is isn’t worthy of love, obviously.

She married a bordering-on-homicidal asshole and now she’s sneaking around with a bordering-on-homicidal dumbass, a guy so stupid that he would threaten the life of his lover’s husband in a newspaper column.

And it’s all her fault that you guys are bordering on homocidal. What a ho!

Have you bothered to confirm your lover’s story?

Cause the bitch is LYING! Obviously. I mean, if a guy came up to you and said he’d just been mugged, why would you believe him? He’s obviously just trying to get some sympathy in a vain attempt to get you to track down his mugger.

Your letter makes this woman’s husband seem perfectly monstrous. In fact, he seems a little too perfectly monstrous.

Because most men are Really Nice Guys. There are no fucktarded guys in the world, just as there are no fucktarded women, except lying hos.

Have you entertained the possibility that you’re being fed a massive load of shit, LIFE?

Bitch be LYIN’!!!!!!!!

Some cheaters invent elaborate tales of woe—the frigid shrew of a wife; the abusive husband—because the cheater wants to have her infidelities and her victim status too.

Because the very first thing every abused woman wants to do is run out and tell everyone that she stays with an abusive fucker! Because she gains so much self-respect when she says that out loud. “Hi, world! I’m too scared to leave this fucker who’s hitting me because he says he’s going to kill me, and the police won’t help me and I don’t know what to do.”

Oh yea, I’ve heard that one a MILLION times from lying hos out to “get attention.” There’s nothing cooler than faking your own bruises and wearing frumpy sweaters in a vain attempt to appear pathetic!

It’s incredibly empowering.

So, LIFE, before you run off and kill anyone: Have you checked her story out? If your lover’s husband was tried for rape, then there are records out there somewhere—trial transcripts, newspaper articles. Have you looked them up?

Oh, YEA. Because if you REALLY want your abusive psycho husband to leave you alone, the BEST THING TO DO is make rape charges! He’ll be out on bail the next day, then stalk you with a butcher knife and cut your head off because you made him “so angry” that he just couldn’t contain himself! And if you’re EVEN LUCKIER he’ll plead the “crime of passion” defense and get off with a year of prison time and then go off and marry some other woman he thinks he can bully around.

OK, my chiklits.

So, let’s say you have this friend who’s told you all about this abusive fucker she’s dating. What advice would, say, somebody like ME give you?


Sweet jesus on a fucking stick. Do not fuck this woman. If she’s stuck in this relationship, she probably has low self-esteem and very little confidence, and hopping from one guy (or girl) to another with no break in between means you’re going to be dating the same person who just got beat down for god knows how many years, and she needs to deal with that. If you’re really her friend, if you really love her, you’ll give her AT LEAST a year to get her shit together.

AFTER she’s left the fucker.


Give her some numbers for women and children’s shelters. Inquire about her relationship with her other family members to see if she can lean on them. Show her how to fill out financial aid forms.


When I was shacking up with a fucker in Bellingham, my friend Jen B. came up and visited for a weekend. I was feeling increasingly terrified about my relationship with the fucker I was dating, but every time I thought he was out of line, I made up little stories about how no, really, he didn’t mean that. He was just under a lot of stress and pressure and that’s why he called me shitty things and said I was stupid, and that was why, after a while, I started to believe me. I mean, I must be a pretty shitty, stupid person to stay with him.

Then Jen B. came up, and when the fucker went out to get something, turned to me and said, “How can you let him treat you like that? I had no idea things were this bad.”

And it was like this huge weight fell off my shoulders, because I realized I wasn’t crazy, I wasn’t making it up, somebody else saw it too. Because when you’re in a relationship with one person who’s discouraged you from having any friends and you never get out, well, you start to believe that what they’re doing and saying is totally “normal.” Because in your close-knit little world, it is.

Don’t tell her she’s a liar. Because you’ll just reinforce what she thinks about herself, and she’ll stay with the fucker even longer.


Her shit is her shit. Encourage her to take up quilting or kickboxing or take pottery classes or karate classes, but don’t tell her you’re going to save her or fix her or make everything better. Only she can do that. You can help her, sure, provide the information she needs to change her life; direct her toward those resources. But you can’t do it for her.


Because that’s just fucking stupid, you fucking retard.


Well, if you followed my advice in step one, this won’t be a problem, will it, you fucktard?

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