The Fighting Life

I’ve been kinda off this week. Maybe because I spent too much downtime this weekend – I should have gone jogging or gone for a bike ride or something.

After this week’s Monday class, I found myself too exhausted, hungry, and shaky to go to my now-usual Tuesday class. Instead, I made sure to eat well and sleep a lot to prep for tyhe Wednesday class. But last night, I arrived to class and found myself feeling weak and shaky and uncoordinated again. I slowed down, took several water breaks, and had that fleeting, “Oh screw it, I’m not going to finish this damn class tonight” thought.

We broke up into teams, and one of the warm-up exercises was running up and back down the back stairs of the building. It’s only five or six flights, but I was seriously dying. I was the last person back to class; I had to slow down my descent because they’re metal stairs, and I was really dizzy. I could easily imagine slipping up and cracking open my head.

Not sure what’s up with this – if it means I’m working too hard or not hard enough. What it probably means is I need to up my calorie count. Weather permitting, I’ll be going bike riding this weekend.

The good news is that I’m doing pretty well with my 30lb free weights in the morning, and I’ve been able to add another rep to each set this week. I’ve also discovered that my abs (though one cannot see them) are my speciality. Wednesday ends with partnered sit-ups while passing medicine balls from 4-12lbs in weight. This is tough for a lot of people, and not everybody gets through it without a break. But I’ve been doing abs every morning since I was fourteen. I think that at one point, in high school, I was doing 500 a day. I’ve settled into a comfortable morning routine of four different sets of 40, for some variety.

Hey. I gotta be good at *something*.

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