The publishing wheels grind and grind and grind, and now we have an official back-in-stock-date for THE MIRROR EMPIRE. As most folks know, my publisher, Angry Robot, was up for sale this summer at the behest of its parent company, Osprey, which resulted in a bit of a business interruption while they were transferred over to their new owner.

THE MIRROR EMPIRE did far better than I think any of us anticipated, and sold out of its first US and UK print runs in… a month? Six weeks? Something insane like that.

Getting this reprinted was up at the top of the to-do list once the changeover happened, and I can finally share an official “in stock” date for the US version of THE MIRROR EMPIRE (I’m down to my last two copies, myself).

You’ll see them all in stock again on:


Not as soon as anyone hoped, but hey, it’s BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS, so that pleases me. Now you know what to get your friends! I’d grab them before they’re all gone, as we have a pretty big backlog of orders already. People have seemed super excited about this book, which is really gratifying.

Thanks again to everyone for the support, and remember: HOLIDAY SHOPPING NOVEMBER 11th FLESH EATING PLANTS, BLOOD MAGES, SATELLITE MAGIC OH YES!

Don’t miss out! Who knows how long THIS print run will last, eh?


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