The Update: Still Employed, Almost Not-Sick, Still in Workout Limbo, Still in Writing Limbo, Still… Alive

Finally trekked into PP and said, “Do I just have a Super Yeast Infection from Hell, or what?”

And she’s like, “Yea, you just have a Super Yeast Infection from Hell. Here’s some Super Medication. Get yourself some over the counter treatment next time right away instead of waiting a week hoping it’ll just go away, cause otherwise, it does what it’s been doing, lingering and recurring when you’re stressed.”


I seem to have beat this year’s sinus problems as well now, but only just. Starting to feel totally human again. It’s been a long time.

Also getting off the pill and getting an IUD next Friday, which’ll help the depression upsurge, the mood swings, the breakthrough bleeding, lower sex drive, and all-around wackiness I’ve been dealing with since I got it (oh yes, you all realize, *this* is why it’s been so quiet at Brutal Women lately). Between sicknesses of various kinds and general wackiness, I just haven’t had the energy to write full-blown rants. My workout schedule crashed and burned, and I need to fucking get back to my fucking MA classes. I’m barely keeping a healthy diet together.

I also found out I owe the equivalent of 1/3 my monthly income in taxes.

For fuck’s sake.

My body’s stressed out about what I’ll be doing after this next year – I still plan to take the LSATs, but more and more, I’m concerned about that path. All I fucking want to do is write books. Do I want to add 100K of debt and have all my free time taken up with law? Yea, it’d be fun to learn – if I could afford it and if it didn’t suck the rest of my life from me. More and more, I just want to move to a new city, get a job, and write. Or continue on in this city, and write. But money’s a big issue, and I don’t do well living on my own. Yea, I can live by myself: I just notice that I do a lot better, mentally, living with other people.

So it’s a concern. I’m mulling it over. Things seem to be sliding back into place, but it’s taking a long time. I have a year to figure my shit out.

Looking forward to Wiscon at the end of next month. Looking forward to time away from this brain-numbing job.

Looking… forward. In the mean time, things’ll be a little off around here. I’m considering shutting down the blog all together, because I think it takes away from my real writing. The alternative is to just continue with these shorter linkage-posts, which are easy, and rant when I feel like ranting, but not make a production out of it. I just don’t have the time.

We’ll see how it pans out.

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