Does anyone else, like, seriously believe that Ann Coulter is insane? I mean, not insane in a rah-rah Bush is great way, which is fine, because there are certainly things about Republicans that half the country likes, and that’s cool, cause it’s a free country, but… um… why is it that the press loves this insane woman? because she’s insane?

For the record, she’s also equated Ronald Regan with Jesus Christ. How important is this presidential election in the larger context of the Republic and its history?

Ann Coulter: Insofar as the survival of the Republic is threatened by the election of John Kerry, I’d say 2004 is as big as it gets. Is there one standout issue, and why does it make a difference? What are the most crucial issues?

Coulter: I repeat: The survival of the Republic is threatened by the election of John Kerry. I’d say that’s the big one. What would a Kerry administration mean?

Coulter: Quite possibly the destruction of the Republic.

At least she’s got the research paper formula down pat: Tell them what you’re going to say. Say what you’re going to say. Tell them what you said.

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