Those Pesky Fat Women: Remember When the Curve of a Hip was Sexy and Not a Sign of Moral Disease?

What the hell is this?

Not only is it pure junk to keep using that stupid BMI formula to calculate a person’s “healthy” weight (it doesn’t take muscle mass into account, bone structure, body struction, etc., so Brad Pitt and George Clooney get classified as “obese” and if you’re applying that shitty formula to this broad a template, what you’re gonna get back as “results” is nothing but sheer junk), but why the fuck did they do this study only on women? Do men not get fat in a way that should be “worrying” since women are the ones we’re all supposed to be looking at? Or do men just get a “get out of jail free” card? They don’t spend enough on dieting products, I guess. Better work on changing that.

The leading causes of death in the world are still from infectious diseases and malnutrition: that means most people in this world are dying because they have shitty healthcare and poor nutrition. In fact, I’d bet that a lot of those “fat” people in developed countries who’re below the poverty line are suffering from malnutrition, too: living on macoroni and McDonald’s isn’t exactly a great step in healthy living.

Shit, you fuckers: women are supposed to be carrying around an extra 35,000 calories for babies and nursing. That’s what estrogen does. That’s why I’ve got an increased appetite now that I’m back on female hormones. Did they take pregnant women out of this study? Nursing women? Women who were within two years of having a kid?

No, probably not.

Let’s just continue telling people how fat and stupid they are, so they get so frustrated about it that they binge eat and stop exercising all together because it won’t make them “thin enough.”


You can take your concentration-camp chic elsewhere.

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