Wheee! The Ladies’ Auxillary is going to Iraq! To teach Iraqi women how to be “real women” instead of Evil Feminists! Go Lynn Cheney!

And, for something completely different:

Be sure to check out Team America sneak peaks coming in on the 9th, with an opening day of the 15th. If you haven’t heard about it (do you live in a hole in the ground?) it’s the latest raunchy offering from Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame. They’re out to put the “F” Back in Freedom – with puppets.

Here’s an interview snippet, which helps illustrate why I love these guys:

“For better or worse, we don’t have a manager, we don’t have a publicist, we don’t have a managed image, you know what I mean? We can fucking do whatever we want,” Stone says.

“And sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it totally fails, but we just do what we want, ’cause you know, the times we’ve done what we want, it turned into South Park, which everyone told us would be a big failure.

“If we’re gonna lose — if we’re gonna be fuckin’ losers — we’re just gonna lose our own way.”

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