What Keeps Me Up At Night

“God’s War is a 97,000 word fantasy novel of faith, blood, betrayal and submission played out in the contaminated deserts of Nasheen, a matriarchal state engaged in a centuries-old holy war with polygamous Chenja.”

Hm, no, that’s not right.

I typed: Polygamous.

No, that means multiple partners of either sex. What’s more than one wife?

Poly something. Poly… poly… poly…

::looks it up in actual paper dictionary next to desk:::

Yes, see, that’s multiple spouses, not multiple wives.

And… Polyandry. That’s more than one husband.


OK, can’t get distracted.

::looks through poly- words:::

Aha. Here it is.

OK, polygyny.


That’s more than one husband. Yes, says so right here. OK, so that would be:


:::types::: P-O-L-Y-G-Y-N-O-U-S




Word doesn’t recognize this word.

Is this the right word?

Spell it again.

:::types::: P-O-L-Y-G-Y-N-O-U-S

Yes, it says so right here.

Why does Word recognize POLYGAMOUS but not POLYGYNOUS?

Is my dictionary on crack? (possible)

Is Word broken? (probable)

This is the exciting writing life we all dream of.

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