Why Is It My White, Upper-Middle-Class Ass Doesn’t Support This Administration, Again?

I got my quarterly or whatever stock statement yesterday. I put 3% of every paycheck into a diversified stock account, which includes stock in my own company. And my eyes boggled at the dollar amount.

In the last year, stock in my company has nearly doubled.

We’re doing Iraq contracts, afterall.

I find it deeply ironic that somebody like me, the white, educated, working-for-the-man type who’s financially benefiting from the presidency of George W. Bush is actually more anti-Bush, pro-taxes, actually-some-socialism-is-neat than the Midwesterner whose factory job has been outsourced to India who won’t have any retirement (stock or otherwise) or social security benefits in old age and whose daughter’s children he’ll have to support because his vote for Bush was a vote against Roe vs. Wade.

Fucking hilarious.

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