Half of this I’ve already heard before (yawn), and certainly felt I’d experienced:

An increase in a woman’s body mass results in a decrease in her family income and a decline in her occupational prestige

Well, sure.

But not only that. Under 30? You’re doubly screwed:

In addition, the researchers found that the association between body mass and occupational outcomes was more pronounced among younger women, suggesting that it is body mass that affects occupational prestige rather than the reverse.

Think you’re not getting a promotion cause you don’t starve yourself?

You’re probably right.

And, my favorite part:

There were no such associations found for the men in the sample.

Of course not.

Don’t feel like starving yourself and being a weak fruitcake, or don’t have a super metabolism?

Don’t despair:

We just have to work harder than everyone else.

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