Got an official 1099 from Hartwell for my Year’s Best SF sale. That was quite nice, actually. Most short sales don’t send you 1099s.

I honestly couldn’t remember if I’d made $75 or $100 for it.

Yes, all you dewy-eyed young writers out there: making a Year’s Best Sale will net you an incredible $100!!

Want to know how much I made writing just 500 more words the year before?


Seriously (and yes, I made that money 10% talent, 80% pure luck through a writing colleague who was looking for writers. No, I don’t know what the other 10% was. Math is hard).

I don’t know why it never occurred to me before this year to turn to corp writing. No experience in it, maybe? I couldn’t find a way to position myself for a cushy corp writing job. The one I fell into this year, again, was 80% luck.

Right place, right time, just like relationships.

There’s writing work to be done that’ll actually pay you for it. Why fiction doesn’t?

Go figure.

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