GET TO WORK HURLEY: Episode 19. Two Ducks and a Lie

The GET TO WORK HURLEY podcast is a monthly rant about the hustle of making a living as a writer of All of the Things. You can support this podcast each month as a Patron or make a one-time donation. EPISODE NINETEEN: In this episode: FUTURE ARTIFACTS is less than a month away, so what else is happening in the …

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Having a Baby…

Me: Just one more push! We’ve just got one more! Steph: YOU SAID THAT THE LAST FIVE TIMES!!!!!!!!! Me: I meant, one more in this set. Because baby-birthing is the ultimate total fitness workout.

New Digs!

All settled into the new digs. Check it out! (everything here but pics of J’s room, which he’s still putting together a bit) (Click here for full set)

Oh, How I Love Thee….

J. and I have nearly finished the first full season of Farscape. Last night, he looked up some actors on IMDB to see what else they’d done, then came back into our room and said, deadpan, “Did you know that most of the actors are Australian?” Oh, J….

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