SFF Markets that Consider Patreon Stories for Publication

So last year Andrea Phillips put together a great list of markets that do and do not consider taking stories which were created via Patreon support. Because Patreon is a new-ish crowdfunding too, it’s not generally mentioned in submission guidelines whether or not the venue considers a Patreon story already published or not. Now that I’m

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Swords and Sociology, Redux

I was reading a well-known science fiction author last night and found myself repeatedly bumped out of the story by all the techno-babble. I’m not averse to techno-babble, mind, it’s just that I didn’t buy that this POV character viewed the world through techno-babble glasses. If you’re staring at a sunset, it’s highly unlikely that

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Work in Progress

Because not everything I write is bug and blood and deserts. Well, not all deserts, anyway. From the latest WIP, a short story titled, “Sense of Dark.” ————- Everything that mattered happened in the dark. It was eighteen in the morning, the deepest part of the black, with the promise of dawn another eight hours

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