Having a Baby…

Me: Just one more push! We’ve just got one more! Steph: YOU SAID THAT THE LAST FIVE TIMES!!!!!!!!! Me: I meant, one more in this set. Because baby-birthing is the ultimate total fitness workout.

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New Digs!

All settled into the new digs. Check it out! (everything here but pics of J’s room, which he’s still putting together a bit) (Click here for full set)

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Moving Daze

The move to the new digs is beginning. We pick up the keys next weekend, and have started packing today. Or, in my case, cleaning up all the fucking stacks of paper in my room to *prepare* for moving. Figure we’ll get keys next Saturday, spend Saturday cleaning the place up, Saturday night and Sunday

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Back in the PNW

I’m back in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) for my grandmother’s funeral this weekend. I’d have much preferred being back in the PNW on a happier occasion, but since I’m here, I’m trying to make the best of it. The air here is different, did you know that? Clear and clean; tinged with evergreen. I love

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New Digs

After much wringing of hands and moaning over our $900 rent payment and crazy utility bills, J. and I decided to downsize. We can afford our current place perfectly during the summer and passably during the winter, but we’re looking for a place we could afford should one of us lose our jobs. Crazy economy,

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Tonight’s Agenda

I’d rather it snowed another 6 inches so I could work from home tomorrow, instead of just another 2, which will make it annoying and slow to get into work, but not annoying and slow enough to work from home. Etc. It’s a rough life. Anyway, new project in the works tonight, already outlined and

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